31 Foot Ladders imagines a possible near future where Trump’s beautiful, 30 foot tall wall along the US / México border is almost complete. Roberto Rodriguez, a San Diego-based entrepreneur, sees the wall as an opportunity, inspired by Trump’s own words, but not the opportunity that Trump would imagine. 

31 Foot Ladders is a code switch that transgresses multiple established narratives. North becomes south,  unsafe becomes sanctuary and defense becomes escape.

In a polarized time where lies have become “alternative facts” and truth is often labeled “fake news” it can be challenging to make sense of our world and even harder to have meaningful dialogue. Can art open up opportunities for exchange and debate by momentarily extracting us from our toxic context and placing us inside the counterfactual?

That can’t really happen, can it? It won’t ever get THAT bad, will it?

By exploring that which is not yet true, can we see more clearly what is at stake?

- - - 

written and directed by: andrew sturm

collaborators: sindhu thirumalaisamy, paolo zuñiga, ricardo dominguez